Social Activities - Digital Get-Together

Speed dating on the first day 

Speed dating is the quick (three to five minutes) discussion of three to five people by shaffling the members in every trigger. It is intended to meet as many people in different communities as possible and encourage speaking and discussing in a limited time. The theme of the meeting on the first day is "Warm-up session for the open discussion tomorrow."

The dating organizer gives you two questions and shuffles the members. The first question is, "What is the future of CPV industries and technologies?"

Furthermore, the second question is, "Do you find any solutions?" These questions are a warm-up of the special session of CPV on the second day. Those who attend the second day are encouraged to participate in the event.

Meet & Greet on the second day: Ask professors.

The second-day program is constructed for a transition of the CPV to TPV. Both CPV and TPV people are highly encouraged to participate. Several people are not familiar with CPV technologies or looking for specific solutions from established CPV technologies. This is the reason why professors are on the stage. Come to professors and ask them about cells, optics, alignment, reliability, trackers, field experience, and standards. The experts of CPV technologies will be ready to answer your technical questions.

PV on the second day. Those who attend the second day are encouraged to participate in the event.

Special session: Future of CPV

This is the special session Mitsuru Imaizumi, an entertainer from the space community (but always friends of the CPV community). It begins with three ice-breaking speeches from three generations (frontier, golden age, younger generation) and three technologies (cell, optics, and module/system). It is a kind of competition among generations and critical components. We will see how each key component can do in the future by different ages. Then, the open discussion starts. Everybody can write their opinion in the chat window, including TPV people. The conductor selects valuable comments from the equalized view and further encourages the discussion. What is the fate of CPV? Your participation will create the answer.

Lab tour

It is a pre-recording lab tour of both University of Miyazaki (CPV) and Tohoku University (TPV). It is not limited to the CPV/TPV. Miyazaki also shows the most advanced VIPV measurement (Vehicle-integrated photovoltaic) demonstration.

Speed dating on the second day

The discussion style is the same as the first day, but the agenda is "What is the future CPV/TPV conference.?"

Scientific Cosplay

Please, dress up with something implying "Science and Technology" with a glass of drink. Since there is no intermission time from the closing session, some of the committee members (at least the program chair) dress something cosplay while presenting the scientific summary of the conference during the closing session. So, please do not be surprised.