Chairs of the Committees

Chair Committee Chair


Alejandro Datas graduated in Electrical Engineering in 2004 and obtained his PhD in 2011 from UPM. His research career has focused on very high temperature thermal energy storage and thermophotovoltaic energy conversion. He conducted research at the Technical University of Madrid, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Technical University of Catalonia. He is co-author in more than 40 scientific publications and 5 patents. Since 2019, he is an Assistant Professor at the department of Physical Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics of UPM and a research scientist at the Instituto de Energía Solar.

Publication Committee Chair


Rodolphe Vaillon (Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering), Chair of the Publication Committee, is a CNRS senior researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Systems in Montpellier, France. His experience and research interests include thermophotovoltaic energy conversion, thermal behavior of solar cells, and thermal radiation at the nanoscale. His main research topics in thermophotovoltaics are the development of converters with low bandgap photovoltaic cells, and advanced concepts (e.g. with near-field effects).

Program Committee Chair


Makoto Shimizu is an associate professor in Tohoku University. He obtained his PhD in 2013 from Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University and stayed in Lyon, France for a year as a visiting scholar. He published 11 journal papers dealing with TPV systems and technologies for spectrally shaping thermal radiation. He was the co-organizer of a Symposium on TPV at the 2021 E-MRS Spring meeting. He is currently the co-guest editor of a Special Issue on TPV to be published in the journal “Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells” (Elsevier).